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[Comes with BorisZakkaten Limited Bonus Card] Gatarou☆Man “Odangodon”

[Comes with BorisZakkaten Limited Bonus Card] Gatarou☆Man “Odangodon”

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2024年01月13日 11時00分から


[Bonus for purchasing Boris Zakkaten]
Comes with 2 bonus cards limited to Boris Zakkaten
(1 Gatarou☆man picture & 1 Higuchi Yuko picture)


【release date】

【number of pages】
46 pages

Made by AB Henjo

A very popular ``picture book'' series drawn by ``Gataro☆Man'', a genius in the gag manga world, ``Manga☆Taro''.
The long-awaited 4th work is released!!

This book is a powerful version of Gataro☆Man's unique word play that captivated children.

This time's story is about cute Ken-chan's "first errand."

One day, Ken-chan's mother asks him to run an errand for Odango 5hon.

``Odango Gohon'' so you don't forget your errands
"Odango Gohon"
While repeating this, Ken-chan cheerfully heads to the store.

"Gatang Goton" next to the road where Ken-chan is walking
"Gatan Gothon"
A train passed by.

Then, it's tough!

Ken-chan's repeated ``Odango Gohon'' was mixed up with ``Gatangoton'' and became ``Odangoton.''

Ken-chan, quickly realize your mistake!!!
Will Ken-chan be able to buy ``Odango 5 Hon'' and go home?

This work features retro and nostalgic illustrations from the Showa era drawn with Gataro☆Man's overwhelming drawing power,
Full of highlights, including small stories on each page.
This is an addictive picture book that becomes more fun and interesting the more you read it, and you can't help but laugh.

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