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Design no Hikidashi 47

Design no Hikidashi 47

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2022年10月07日 21時00分から

Design no Hikidashi 47

Purchase limit: 1 book per person


[Notes on delivery]

Because it is expected to be crushed by bundling with other products,

"Drawer 47 designed with the same cart" 1 point only

We will limit the order of

Please note that we cannot accept gift wrapping.


Edited by Graphic-sha Editorial Department

The special feature is "Putting and wrapping products = Thorough introduction to packaging and wrapping materials". Whether you want to make an original in a small lot or want to make something elaborate, we can make a variety of attractive packages for you! Thorough introduction. Full of real samples.

Release date: Published in October 2022 Specifications: B5 average, total 160 pages

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