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[Special sign] Nekomagatake Bakeneko Shugyo no Yama

[Special sign] Nekomagatake Bakeneko Shugyo no Yama

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Nekomagatake Bakeneko Shugyo no Yama * Suspicious cat picture book series

Daisuke Igarashi special autograph

Nanami Kamon (Author), Daisuke Igarashi (Illustrator)

Release date October 18, 2023

Publisher Iwasaki Shoten

Format: A4 variant
Number of pages: 32

There is a land of cats in the mountains. Sometimes the cat disappears to train there. Humans shouldn't go there...
A mysterious yet fun cat picture book co-starring Nanami Kamon and Daisuke Igarashi!
``Nekomagatake'', which is also mentioned in the book's title, is an actual mountain in Fukushima Prefecture.
Enjoy the unknown world created in these mountains!

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