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Chanky Matsumoto & Inunko Kawa wo wataru (Rouken no Dokuhaku)

Chanky Matsumoto & Inunko Kawa wo wataru (Rouken no Dokuhaku)

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Kawa wo wataru

W Sign: Chanky Matsumoto & Inunko
Single sign: Inunko

Draft: Chanky Matsumoto
Picture: Inunko

【Release date】
November 1, 2020

・24 pages ・17 x 24.8 cm

Boris Bunko


This time, Boris Publishing is publishing "Kawa wo wataru", a work from about 15 years ago.
It was a picture booklet I drew for a solo exhibition that I made up my mind to do at the time, when I had almost no work and the weather was cloudy.
In the pattern of a lazy person suddenly setting a high goal, I will make five picture books for my first solo exhibition in a long time! With that in mind, I managed to finish the five books: Walking the Dog, Crossing the River, Climbing the Mountain, Digging a Hole, and Getting Lost. As a result, this booklet was mostly written, but the others were more scribbled, and one book was an improvisational animation.

When I look back, I feel like I was lost even more than now, and there are many things I want to fix, but I was told that "I can only draw pictures from that time", so I left it as it is. As a result, Naoko Nakui, who designed the book, turned it into a wonderful book.

I hope it reaches those who are similarly lost in their hearts.
May the dog warm you even for a moment.



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