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[With bonus card] Mori no Bungakukan

[With bonus card] Mori no Bungakukan

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Mori no Bungakukan
- Midorino Kiokuno Monogatari -

Editing: Hirofumi Wada Illustration: Yuko Higuchi

For customers who purchased from Boris Zakkaten

【Release date】
Chikuma Shobo (2020/7/10)

14.8 x 10.6 x 1.4cm
384 pages


A forest full of dampness, silence, and rich blessings is a passageway to another world that transcends everyday life. Hayao Miyazaki talks about the forest as a primordial existence in the depths of people's hearts, Satoru Satou and Sou Kuramoto spin stories about mysterious beings living in the forest, Mayumi Inaba sees a forest in the city, and at the end of the forest. This book contains 37 gems born in the enchanting topos of the forest, such as Katsuichiro Kamei, who discovered the cliffs of Mt. Akadake. Why don't you search for your story in the forest of literature?

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