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[Bonus card included] Omoeba, kodokuha utsukushii

[Bonus card included] Omoeba, kodokuha utsukushii

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Omoeba, kodokuha utsukushii

[Author] Shigesato Itoi

[Illustration] Yuko Higuchi


300 pages


From all the manuscripts and tweets written by Shigesato Itoi in 1 year,
A book that collects words that remain in the heart and knits one a year,
That is the "small words" series.

Since the publication of the memorable first book in 2007,
This year is the 11th book.
What I have been able to keep for a long time is
First, Shigesato Itoi continues to write high-quality manuscripts.
(As usual, I write without taking a day off.)
And it is because there are people who look forward to this book every year.

The title of the eleventh book is
“If you think about it, solitude is beautiful. "is.

A theme that Shigesato Itoi has always had,
It has become a book that focuses more on "alone", "loneliness" and "lonely" than usual.
But, of course, there are slow-moving words,
Words that would not be inferior to being published in the introduction of a business book,
Words about sports, food, art, etc.
A wide variety of words are included.
There are 231 words in all.

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