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[With bonus card] Moumokutekina Koi to Yuujou

[With bonus card] Moumokutekina Koi to Yuujou

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Moumokutekina Koi to Yuujou
Mitsuki Tsujimura

Yuko Higuchi/illustration

【Release date】
Shinchosha February 1, 2017



Ichino Seranka, the mother of Takara Jenne, was unaware of her beauty and didn't even know about love. However, Hoshichika Shigemi, who was welcomed as the conductor of the university orchestra, changed her life completely. Ranka falls in love with Shigemi, but eventually learns of his betrayal. A shocking end to five years of intense love. When Ranka's friend, Rurie, looks at those years through the eyes, another truth emerges. A feature film that depicts the delusions of a man, a woman, and a female friend.

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