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Yuko Higuchi x Holbein 2023 Transparent Watercolor Paint 5ml XW441 24 Colors Set

Yuko Higuchi x Holbein 2023 Transparent Watercolor Paint 5ml XW441 24 Colors Set

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2023年02月03日 10時00分から

Higuchi Yuko x Holbein 2023

Transparent watercolor paint 5ml XW441 24 color set

・With special booklet
・Outer box size: 177 x 154 x 24mm
・Weight: about 310g
・Package: paper box

made in Japan


A collaboration item between Yuko Higuchi and Holbein, who will celebrate the grand finale of "CIRCUS- Exhibition-" at the Mori Arts Center Gallery in Tokyo in February 2023.

Yuko Higuchi Exhibition CIRCUS FINAL END [Higuchi Yuko CIRCUS]

In addition to Holbein's representative transparent watercolor paints and all-color sets, we will also develop ceramic palettes and paintbrushes.
The paint set is a luxurious specification with illustrations drawn on each tube label as well as the package.
All products are made in Japan and are produced in limited quantities.


Holbein's transparent watercolor paints, which are also used by professionals, are indispensable art materials for Higuchi's work. We have selected 24 colors that Yuko Higuchi uses every day. It is a luxurious specification with a newly drawn illustration on each tube label.

<Content color>
W013 Opera
W025 Brilliant Pink
W017 Cadmium Red Purple
W015 Cadmium Red Deep
W038 Permanent Yellow Orange
W036 Permanent Yellow Light
W031 Joan Buryan No.2
W074 Olive Green
W066 Permanent Green No.1
W062 Hookah Green
W064 Emerald Green Nova
W075 Sup Green
W099 Turquoise Blue
W101 Peacock Blue
W104 Horizon Blue
W103 Royal Blue
W098 Indigo
W116 Lavender
W115 Permanent Violet
W117 Lilac
W034 Yellow Ocher
W151 yellow gray
W129 Amber
W155 Davis Gray

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