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Ayako Ishiguro [Modern Edition] Picture Book Otogi Zoshi Tsukumogami

Ayako Ishiguro [Modern Edition] Picture Book Otogi Zoshi Tsukumogami

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[Modern version] Picture book Otogi zoshi Tsukumogami

Yasushi Machida (Author) / Ayako Ishiguro (Author)

【Release date】
Kodansha (2015/10/8)

22.2 x 15.4 x 1.4cm
64 pages


With the free imagination of a popular author, that "fairy tale" has been reborn as a new type of literature! The modern version of the "Picture Book Otogi Zoshi" series, presented in collaboration with the beautiful paintings of unique artists, is now available.

[Profile of Yasushi Machida]

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1962. Started singing activities under the name Machizo Machida, and made his record debut in 1981 with the punk band INU's "Meshi Kuuna". Also active as an actor. In 1996, he published his first novel, Kussun Daikoku, which won the Bunkamura Deux Magots Literary Award and the Noma Literary Newcomer Award in 1997. Since then, he has received the Akutagawa Prize for Kiregire in 2000, the Sakutaro Hagiwara Prize for the poetry collection Shijuhachitaki in the Earthen Floor in 2001, the Yasunari Kawabata Literary Prize for Gongen no Odoriko in 2002, and the Junichiro Tanizaki Prize for Confession in 2005. Received the Noma Literary Award for Yado Meguri. His other books include "Meoto Chawan", "Neko ni Kamakete", "Pure Land", "Spink Diary", "Spink Gozaicho", and "Neko to Ahondara".

[Profile of Ayako Ishiguro]
Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1973. Active as an illustrator in book covers, illustrations, and picture books. Currently residing in Chiba Prefecture. Covers and illustrations include "Tofu Kozo Sugoroku Furidashi" (written by Natsuhiko Kyogoku/Kodansha), "Natsuhiko Kyogoku's Yokai Picture Book Series" (Iwasaki Shoten), and "Bakenekozorozoro" (Akane Shobo) as a picture book.

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