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[With a bonus card] Neko no Bungakukan2

[With a bonus card] Neko no Bungakukan2

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Neko no Bungakukan

Author/Hirofumi Wada Illustration/Yuko Higuchi

For customers who purchased from Boris Zakkaten

【Release date】
Chikuma Shobo (2017/6/6)

14.8 x 10.6 x 1.6cm
383 pages


"When you're a little kid, die quietly..." Haruo Sato murmured at the death of his beloved cat. Momo Uchida, who cried when she learned that her beloved cat Nora had not returned last night, and Soseki Natsume, who watched over the final moments of her cat, who had lost weight after moving, and how the man who had run over the cat was cornered. Junnosuke Yoshiyuki, Shinichi Hoshi, and Hana Takeda, who drew them, cried, were frightened, mourned, and wrote about the cat that had gone to the other side without warning. An anthology for cat lovers, by cat lovers, selected from Japanese novels, poems, and essays. 35 episodes that make you want to cry quietly.

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