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[With a bonus card] Neko no Bungakukan 1

[With a bonus card] Neko no Bungakukan 1

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Neko no Bungakukan

Author/Hirofumi Wada Illustration/Yuko Higuchi

For customers who purchased from Boris Zakkaten

【Release date】
Chikuma Shobo (2017/6/6)

14.8 x 10.6 x 1.8cm
397 pages


Jiro Osaragi, Torahiko Terada, Osamu Dazai, Yoko Kamoi, Kuniko Mukoda, Haruki Murakami... Japanese writers have always loved cats. And I got a lot of inspiration from cats. The cat that settled down in the Kabukiza Theater, the cat wrapped in furoshiki and being swept away by the river, the cat sleeping with its back curled up in the sun, the cat rubbing its face against its owner's feet, yesterday and today, Nora-chan. When you open the page, there are various cats marching, such as cats who are busy dating. 47 episodes devoted to cat lovers who are always swayed by cats' whims! !

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