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[With a bonus card] Doku kinoko ni umaretekita atashi no koto

[With a bonus card] Doku kinoko ni umaretekita atashi no koto

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Doku kinoko ni umaretekita atashi no koto

Author/Hiromi Hori Illustration/Yuko Higuchi

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【Release date】
October 15, 2019

A5 size soft cover 4 frontispieces + 224 text pages


A whole poison mushroom super column book by Hiromi Hori, the only mushroom writer in Japan. Focusing on the introduction of the main poisonous mushrooms, poisonous mushrooms in history,

The magical power of poisonous mushrooms, such as those depicted in literary and manga works, that are terrifying but attract people's hearts, will be narrated in all directions.

It is a book about poisonous mushrooms, but it will be released on October 15th, which is "Mushroom Day", in hopes of preventing damage from poisonous mushrooms.

Also, the cover is decorated with the work of Yuko Higuchi, who is popular and charismatic. The cover, text prologue, epilogue, etc. are also unique, with “poison and poison”.

It has become a design.


Chapter 1 The Fear of Poisonous Mushrooms

Chapter 2 What is Poisonous Mushrooms?

(Kaentake / cholera mushroom / shagma myrtle / white egg amanita / egg agaric / dokutsurutake / fake black pigeon / hidahatake / Mikawa black-eared boar /

Turnip mushroom / Kirara mushroom / Coprinus mushroom / Hotei shimeji mushroom / Wart agaric mushroom / Amanita mushroom / Lycopodium japonicum / Hinano higasa / Fly agaric mushroom / Porcupine mushroom / Aikawatake /

Ippon Shimeji / Utake / Okogechaikuchi / Oshirokara Lizard Mushroom / Owaritake Mushroom / Kakishimeji Mushroom / Gantake Mushroom / Rhinoceros Mushroom / Rhododendron Russula / Shiroonitake /

Stingray/Tsukiyotake/Dokubenitake/Dokuenitake/Dokuenitake/Nigakuritake/Niseshoro Friend/Broom Mushroom Friend/Matsuouji/Mureo Oichoutake/Dokusasako/

Coriolus versicolor / Sugihiratake / Himekuchiki Danpotake / Moegi Miashiiguchi)

Chapter 3 Poison of Edible Mushrooms

Chapter 4 Regional characteristics of poisonous mushrooms

Chapter 5 Poisonous mushrooms in history

Chapter 6 Poisonous mushrooms in literature and manga

[Author profile]

Hiromi Hori

Born in Kobe in 1971. When he was a university student, he encountered fly agaric mushrooms in Nagano and was fascinated by them. Gradually, I became interested in mushrooms in general,

When I was making it, I was selected as the deputy editor-in-chief of the Japan Mushroom Association's "MOOK Kinoko". After the publication was discontinued, he became a freelance mushroom writer after meeting editors of commercial magazines.

Writes for various media such as magazines, free papers, and electronic publications.

His publications include "Kinokoru Kinoko LOVE111", "Tokimeki Kinoko Zukan" (photographed by Ryo Masui), Yamakei's new book "The Story of Fly Agaric" (both published by Yamato Keitanisha),

"Rare Bacteria: Mysterious Mushrooms" <Illustration by Miyuki Kido> (Kobunsha).

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