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Ayako Ishiguro Kokonotsu no Hoshi

Ayako Ishiguro Kokonotsu no Hoshi

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"Kokonotsu no Hoshi"

Author: Ayako Ishiguro


A special star that exploded when it collided with a comet. The children set off in search of a star fragment that has a mysterious power and a special glow. Along with his childhood friends Yon and Mu, he meets various things on the nine planets. Will they be able to safely bring the nine star fragments back to their mother, who is waiting for them?


The children's stories that Ayako Ishiguro has cherished for a long time have become a book. Adventure fantasy in a strange and lovely world.


November 29, 2019 First edition issued

Design: Idia Oshima

Printing and binding: Atomy Co., Ltd.

Issued by: URESICA


Specifications: High-quality binding, cloth cover and foil stamping, text 3-color printing, 32p

Dimensions: 189x189mm Thickness 10mm

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