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Yuko Higuchi x Holbein Mitsurou Crayon Family Bag Set

Yuko Higuchi x Holbein Mitsurou Crayon Family Bag Set

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Higuchi Yuko x Holbein Mitsurou Crayon Family Bag Set

With the theme of "parent and child drawing", "beeswax crayon 16 color set" "drawing notebook"
An outing set with a "child bag" and "adult bag" is now available!
It comes in a box with a cute original design and is recommended as a gift.

[child bag]
Gusset 5cm
shoulder belt 122cm

[Adult bag]
Gusset 14cm
shoulder belt 104cm

[Beeswax crayon 16 colors set]
A package reminiscent of a fairy tale.
It is a set with a roll of paper with illustrations inspired by 16 color names, and a booklet with a list of color names.
*Beeswax crayons are made from natural wax "beeswax" which is the raw material of beehives.
It is a very safe crayon.
Released in 2017


It's an SM size "Oekakicho" designed by Yuko Higuchi.
Creatures swimming in the ocean are drawn.
Comes with one coloring book.
-Size: 227 x 158 (mm)
●Middle paper

H drawing paper, 20 sheets (one of which is a coloring book)

Released in 2017

Although this product is discontinued by the manufacturer,
Now available for special sale at Boris General Store.

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