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"Love Letter" ; Sweatshirt Set

"Love Letter" ; Sweatshirt Set

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Celebrating the release of the new book Love Letter Boris Zakkaten Limited Sweatshirt Set

Love letter (MOE picture book)

Yuko Higuchi (Author)

Publisher: Hakusensha

Release date: 2019/11/1

* Signed book

A6 size text 66 pages

Small poetry book in a sleeve case

"I'm thinking of writing a love letter.
What kind of memories should I bring?"
A love letter from the popular painter Yuko Higuchi to her loved ones.
A girl, a cat, an egg, a rabbit, a dream... 32 pictures and words that are captivating and emotional.
A small picture book like a collection of poetry and pictures, filled with love for all life born from the tip of a brush.
Beautifully bound in a sleeve case, perfect for gifts.
* With special sticker only for the first time

《Benefits for booking at Boris General Store》
Original wrapping material for "Love Letter" is included. Please use it as a gift for your friends.

Sweatshirt T-shirt [Size]
Length: 69
Width: 52
Shoulder width: 45
Sleeve length: 62

Length: 73
Width: 55
Shoulder width: 48
Sleeve length: 63

100% cotton
Ribbed cuffs

A name is attached to the back neck. A piss name is attached to the left cuff rib.

*There are no plans to sell the long-sleeved T-shirt separately*
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