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Odenwa Case (phone case) S-chan

Odenwa Case (phone case) S-chan

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Odenwa Case S-chan
Yuko Higuchi
Multi Smartphone Smartphone cover

【body size】
Closed: W9.5cmxH17cm
Open state: W19cmxH17cm

[body material]
Surface sweat fabric: 95% cotton, 5% spandex
Back pocket opening: PU
Raised part: Polyester Moving plate: ABS

3 card pockets for storing IC cards, etc. The opening and closing belt contains magnets.

[Package size]

[Package material]
Paper box tray/window: PET

[Phone size]
Screen 6 inches or less

[Camera position]
The lens center position is about 35mm from the top surface of the back surface.
Approximately 35 mm from the bottom of the flash when the flash is below the camera

[Sliding/gel-type adhesive sheet fixing]
When using a sliding camera whose adhesive part moves up and down, you can shoot with the case attached.

Please read the product description carefully before purchasing.

The back of the model to be glued is
Adhesive stickers cannot be attached to 1) models with anti-fingerprint processing (AFP processing) 2) models made of glass 3) models with uneven back design.

Generally, if it is a model of 1) or 2), it can be used by using the following method.
・Paste a film that is sold for dirt prevention on the back of the smartphone.
・Use a plain plastic case made of PC (polycarbonate) with a flat back and attach an adhesive sticker.

Models with an earphone jack or charging connector slot on the left side of the main unit cannot be used with the case closed.
For models with a fingerprint authentication sensor or speaker on the back, those functions cannot be used when the cover is attached.
Not available for folding type models

If you have never used this type of cover before, please be especially careful.
Sticking a non-adhesive type model and forcibly using it may cause damage due to the mobile phone falling. Please note that we cannot guarantee it.
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