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[Signed book] Chacha Chako (1)

[Signed book] Chacha Chako (1)

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Chacha Chako (1)

Qrais (Author)

east press

【Release date】

A5 size length 210 x width 148mm

"Watashi wa kono sekai ga suki!" (Chako)

"This world is centered around Chako-san,
Various phenomena occur every day! (Dr. Pudding)

In "Nekonohee" and others, "Mr.
Chako series loved by core fans,
With the addition of her older sister, Chacha, it's getting even more lively and new!

[Author's comment]
"Charko" that I publish every Saturday on the Internet,
It is a manga that combines the two "Chacha and Chako" featured in Omokoro.
The story is about the free-spirited Chako and her older sister, Chacha, who is serious and kind.
I would appreciate it if you could read it to a lot of people.
── Qrice
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