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[Signed book] Picture book "100" with Koharu Hyakumenso sticker

[Signed book] Picture book "100" with Koharu Hyakumenso sticker

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Picture book "100"
Written by Naoko Nakui / Photographed by Sayuki Inoue


Autographed by Naoko Nakui +
With Koharu Hyakumensou Sticker

[Size (length x width x bundle)]


How much is "100"? I know it's "full", but it's hard to imagine. What kind of castle can you build with 100 building blocks? What would an aquarium with 100 goldfish be like? If you collect 100 familiar things one by one and look at them, you will discover many things. A picture book where you can feel the whole “100” through beautiful photographs that make use of natural light.
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