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Tattoo Sticker B set

Tattoo Sticker B set

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2023年10月15日 11時00分から

Tattoo Sticker B set

W80×H160mm (BO&GRICO)
W80×H160mm (fox and raccoon monster)
W80×H160mm (fairy)

paper polyethylene

How to apply a tattoo sticker

① Remove dirt from the area where the tattoo sticker will be applied.
② Cut out the part of the pattern you want to use and peel off the transparent protective sheet.
③Place the picture side of the tattoo sticker on dry skin.
④ Soak a tissue or sponge in water,
Press lightly from the back side of the paper.
⑤After about 30 seconds, gently remove the paper and rinse it off with water.
⑥ Wipe off moisture with a dry towel.

How to remove a tattoo sticker: Apply adhesive tape such as cellophane tape over the sticker, rub it firmly with your fingers, and then gently peel it off.The tattoo sticker will come off. Alternatively, you can wipe it off with rubbing alcohol.

[Precautions for use]
Avoid using on sensitive skin areas such as around the eyes and mouth. Be sure to test on small parts before use. If you experience itching, swelling, or pain on your skin, immediately stop using it and consult a specialist.

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