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Postcard set The World of Plants

Postcard set The World of Plants

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2023年09月09日 11時00分から

Postcard set The World of Plants
A set of 10 postcards and a kitchen herb kit.

[Kitchen herbs]

It has a match-like stick-like stem with seeds of three kinds of herbs (Italian parsley, thyme, and soup celery). You can easily grow kitchen herbs by simply breaking off the stem and sticking it into the soil.


1.W100×H148mm “Rabbit”

2.W100×H148mm “LOVE”

3.W100×H148mm “Wetland Flower”

4.W100×H148mm “Mushrooms and cats”

5.W100×H148mm “Strange animals and Plants”

6.W100×H148mm “Dog and Sebastian”

7.W100×H148mm “Mole and Cat”

8.W100×H148mm “Read”

9.W100×H148mm “Dog”

10.W137×H137mm “Garden”

[Package size]


[Kitchen herb size]



paper, seeds

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