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Boris Candy Pins & THE FINAL END Pouch Set

Boris Candy Pins & THE FINAL END Pouch Set

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From October 4, 2023, the set contents will be as follows.

Boris Candy Pins & THE FINAL END Pouch Set

<Boris candy> x2 pieces

Each of the 5 types has a different taste.


Boris = strawberry


Nyanko = Muscat

Hitotsume-chan = Pineapple

[Raw material name]
Sugar (domestic production), starch syrup/citric acid, flavoring, coloring (red 102, yellow 4, blue 1, yellow 5, charcoal powder)

【Internal capacity】
5 tablets (1 tablet each of 5 types)

【expiration date】
August 2024

*Depending on how you store it, it may become sticky or white, but this will not affect the quality.


An original pouch made from CIRCUS BAG scraps.


100% polyester%


1 out of 10 types of CIRCU pins

(Candy/Box: Made in Japan/Pins/Pouch: Made in China)

<Purchase benefits>
Picks offered at CANTEEN GUSTAVE (CIRCUS Cafe)

About tax rates
*Since this is a "set product" that includes food and an original box, the reduced tax rate will not be applied and the consumption tax will be 10%.

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