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Thermo bottle Mebanatachito kuroineko

Thermo bottle Mebanatachito kuroineko

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2024年04月15日 21時00分から

Thermo bottle
Mebanatachito kuroineko

with original packaging


Stainless steel portable thermos net capacity 0.5L
Thermal insulation effect: (6 hours) 59℃
Cold insulation effect: (6 hours) 9℃

Main body inside, inner bottle Stainless steel
Main body outside, body Stainless steel
Lid Polypropylene main body Polypropylene/ABS resin packing Silicon rubber

[Precautions when using the printed part]
Do not put the printed surface in your mouth or lick it.
Strong impact or strong friction may cause the printed surface to peel off.

[Notes on using the main unit]
Before use, wash the main body and the Sen main body and lid well with a neutral detergent.
When bleaching the inside of the main unit, do not use chlorine bleach. Also, if bleach adheres to the outside of the main unit, the paint may come off, so please be careful.
After use, wash with a sponge soaked with a neutral detergent, wipe off the water well and dry. Do not use a scrubbing brush or polishing powder as they may cause scratches and may rust if scratched.
Do not soak or boil.
*Cannot be used in dishwashers, microwave ovens, or open flames.

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