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Yukata Obi GRICO & BO

Yukata Obi GRICO & BO

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2023年08月03日 21時00分から

Yukata Obi GRICO & BO

Tile pattern and black (GRICO&BO) reversible

*Yukata sold separately

100% polyester%

free size
16 x 408cm

【Handle with care】

The obi core is included in the obi, so you cannot wash it at home.
We recommend that you take care of it by dry cleaning.

We think it's fine if it's just a partial wash of the dirty part, but basically please refrain from washing your hands.
If the obi core shrinks or loses its shape, it cannot be restored.
You can't iron it too hot (it will melt the polyester), so it will be difficult to smooth out all the wrinkles.

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