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Reproduced painting IN paper trunk SET Boris

Reproduced painting IN paper trunk SET Boris

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2023年02月03日 10時00分から

Reproduced painting IN paper trunk SET Boris

◉Paper Trunk

A cute paper trunk made by Kazeto.
It can be used in a variety of situations, such as organizing stationery, storing sewing tools, and going out.

*Because it is a paper product, there may be scratches or stains that do not interfere with use.

paper, vinyl, steel


about 355g

Czech made

◉ Reproduced painting (canvas type)

23 x 14 cm

There is no edition or signature on the reproduction, but there is no plan to resell it after it is sold out due to the limited number of production.

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[immediate delivery]
As usual, it can be shipped in about a week.
*It may take some time depending on the order status.

It will take about 1-2 months.

◉ Set of 4 bonus stickers

W137×H84mm (Boris)
W153×H77mm (Maple)
W102×H83mm (Bo-chan)
W91×H95mm (Glico)


made in Japan


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