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[Framed] Reproduced painting CIRCUS Nagano Visual

[Framed] Reproduced painting CIRCUS Nagano Visual

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2023年02月03日 10時00分から

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[Framed] Reproduced painting CIRCUS Nagano Visual

Signed by Yuko Higuchi and serial numbered

Limited number: 100

Frame size: 76x63cm

* Framed product

*Please note that the serial number cannot be specified at the time of purchase.

●Delivery date information●
As an option, you can choose between immediate delivery and reservation

・Customers who purchased with instant delivery As usual, it can be shipped in about a week.
*It may take some time depending on the order status.

・Customers who have made a purchase with an in-stock reservation
Since it will be delivered after framing
It takes about 1-2 months (up to half a year).
*Delivery time may vary slightly.

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