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Boris rice cracker & 4 types of tea set

Boris rice cracker & 4 types of tea set

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2023年02月03日 10時00分から

Boris rice cracker & 4 types of tea set

◉Boris rice cracker

"Boris Senbei" is manufactured at "Tokiwado Kaminariokoshi Honpo", which has a shop near Kaminarimon, the main gate of Sensoji Temple, and has been selling Kaminariokoshi for many years.
Boris Senbei made in the old-fashioned way is packed in the "Boris general store original embossed can" featuring "Neko Fujin Boris".


【Internal capacity】
100g including individual wrapping paper

Rice cracker dough (non-glutinous rice (domestic)), soy sauce, sugar, mirin/processed starch, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), caramel pigment, (some contain wheat and soybeans)
* Manufactured on the same equipment as products containing shrimp, soba and sesame.

【expiry date】
April 13, 2023

*Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity and store at room temperature


◉ 4 types of tea

*Genmaicha with matcha
*Green tea
*Deep-steamed green tea

[Package size]
9 cm x 8 cm

【Internal capacity】
2g each tea bag

【expiry date】
January 2024

*Store away from high temperature and humidity

Made in Japan (produced in Shizuoka Prefecture)

About the tax rate *Since it is a "set product" of food and original cans, the reduced tax rate is not applied and the consumption tax is 10%.

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