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Boris rice cracker & red flower pattern fukusa set

Boris rice cracker & red flower pattern fukusa set

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2023年02月03日 10時00分から

Boris rice cracker & red flower pattern fukusa set

◉Boris rice cracker

“Boris Senbei” is manufactured at “Tokiwado Kaminariokoshi Honpo”, which has a shop near Kaminarimon, the main gate of Sensoji Temple, and has been selling Kaminariokoshi for many years.
"Boris general store original embossed can" featuring "Neko Fujin Boris" is filled with Boris rice crackers made using traditional methods.


【Internal capacity】
100g including individual wrapping paper

Rice cracker dough (non-glutinous rice (domestic)), soy sauce, sugar, mirin/processed starch, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), caramel pigment, (partially contains wheat and soybeans)
* Manufactured on the same equipment as products containing shrimp, soba and sesame.

【expiry date】
April 13, 2023

*Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity and store at room temperature


◉Red floral fukusa

21cm x 12cm

Outer material 100% rayon
Lining Rayon 100%

made in Japan

About the tax rate *Since it is a "set product" of food and original cans, the reduced tax rate will not be applied and the consumption tax will be 10%.

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