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HORNS Phone case

HORNS Phone case

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Horns Phone case


when closed

when open


magnet type

For everyones use. No specification for the type of a mobile phone.


Body: synthetic leather

Made in China

How to use

This product is compatible with smartphones within W76XH153xD12mm.
Attach the included adhesive sticker to the sliding panel and then "Attach your smartphone.
Please remove dust, dirt, etc. from the smartphone before attaching the smartphone to this product. Attaching a smartphone with dust, etc. attached may damage the smartphone or make it difficult to attach.
Depending on the shape of the device (curved or uneven surface) or the material or surface finish of the mounting surface, it may not be possible to mount the product.
When the adhesive strength weakens, wipe off dust and dirt on the adhesive surface with a wet towel, etc. to use the product again and again.
Precautions for handling

This product does not completely protect your smartphone from scratches and impacts. Do not drop the product or subject it to strong shocks.
This product may cause color migration from or to other objects, or color migration to the device itself due to friction or wetting. Please be careful when the product comes in contact with other objects.
Please understand that we are not responsible for any acid damage or damage to the equipment or data caused by your incorrect use of this product or weekly loss of use.
Do not pull this product strongly when attaching and detaching. Doing so may cause damage.
(The speaker, sensor (fingerprint sensor, infrared sensor), etc. on the back of the device may not be usable while the product is attached to the device.
Do not wipe off this product with thinner, benzene, alcohol, etc. It may cause color fading, deterioration, or unexpected damage.
Do not use the product for any purpose other than the intended use.
Keep out of reach of infants.
Do not store magnetic cards, including contactless IC cards, as this may cause malfunction or damage.

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