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[GUSTAVE-kun Exhibition] Postcard set (with file case)

[GUSTAVE-kun Exhibition] Postcard set (with file case)

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<Minna no(everyones)> GUSTAVE-kun exhibition postcard set

20 postcards (with file case)

[Postcard material]

[File case material]
Polypropylene (PP)

[File case size]
This file case has a round lid, so there is no stress when opening and closing.
Small items such as airline tickets and passports can be put together.

[Postcard design] *Honorifics: Ayako Ishiguro, Junji Ito, Risa Ito, Inunko, Chika Umino, Bukubu Okawa, Qrice, Aki Kondo, Sensha Yoshida, Radio Wada, Yuko Higuchi

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