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[Signed book] Dear, THUMB BOOK PRESS

[Signed book] Dear, THUMB BOOK PRESS

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2023年07月06日 11時00分から

Autographed book

Signed by Jun Tada

This is the first collection of works by Tada Jun, an illustrator and copperplate artist active in book and magazine illustrations and book covers. In this series of 20 color illustrations, Tada June takes on the role of Sam, the owner of a fictional private press called "THUMB BOOK PRESS," and creates new illustrations for the binding of classic masterpieces of foreign fiction. The text by 12 genre-crossing contributors, including translators, novelists, poets, and musicians, is also worth reading.

Tada Jun ......

Illustrator. Copperplate artist. Lives and works in Tokyo.
Works mainly on illustrations for books and magazines using printmaking techniques.

Major works include "Crime," "Guilt," and "Karl's Nativity" by Ferdinand von Sierach, translated by Shinichi Sakayose (Tokyo Sogensha).

Kokoro rara nare, nando minna minna" (Kokoro rara nare, no minna) by Motoyuki Shibata, translated by Ernest Hemingway (Switch Publishing), and others.

Size:B5 size
Number of pages: 72p

Production/Design: SUNNY BOY THINGS


About the books Sam loved" by Motoyuki Shibata
collector 02 Kosuke Amishiro
collector 03 Toriko Mosquito
collector 06 Hisako Tajiri
collector 08 Makoto Ueda
collector 11 Masatsugu Ono
collector 12 Domuka
collector 13 Keitany Love Kojima
collector 15 Dai Kobayashi
collector 16 Atsuko Nishiyama
collector 19 Rie Tsukinaga
That Summer in San Remo" Keijiro Kan
Sam in the story" TAKAHASHI Kazuya
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