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[With bonus card] Teno Hira ni nemuru Butai

[With bonus card] Teno Hira ni nemuru Butai

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Teno Hira ni nemuru Butai

Author: Yoko Ogawa Illustration: Yuko Higuchi

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On sale September 5, 2022

46 size / 272 pages

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"Because everyone is a creature that makes mistakes. That's why actors need a substitute. Like me."

The ballet "La Sylphide" is performed by pliers and spanners on a tool box in a corner of a metalworking factory.
When I started attending all performances of "Les Miserables" at the Imperial Theater with the insurance money from a traffic accident, I met a girlfriend who lived at the theater and was a "failure attendant".
I ended up living as a decorative actor in a small theater that a rich old man built just for himself in the back of his mansion.

To act, to watch, to be watched. A superb collection of short stories that depict the special relationship that is born on the other side of the stage and here.

■ Author Biography Yoko Ogawa
Born 1962 in Okayama City. Graduated from Waseda University First Faculty of Literature. In 1988, he won the Kaien Prize for New Writers for "When the Agehacho ga Koreru Toki". In 1991, she won the Akutagawa Prize for "Pregnancy Calendar". In 2004, he won the Yomiuri Literary Prize and the Bookstore Grand Prize for "The Mathematical Formulas Loved by Doctors" and the Izumi Kyoka Literary Prize for "The Burial of Brahman" in the same year. In 2006, he won the Junichiro Tanizaki Prize for Mina no Koshin (Mina no Koshin). In 2007, he received the Chevalier of the French Order of Arts and Letters. In 2013, he won the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award for Art Encouragement for Kotori. Received the Noma Literary Award in 2008 for Kobako. Received the Medal with Purple Ribbon in 2001. He has written many books, including Kobako, Promised Movement, and Modest Napping.

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