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[W Signed Book] Picture Book Kokeshi no Yume

[W Signed Book] Picture Book Kokeshi no Yume

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"Kokeshi no Yume" new edition

W signed book

By Chanky Matsumoto

painting dog


Shikekota Kokemi is Kokeshi's sister, Kokeshimai. For decades at the souvenir shop, the boring daily pleasure is to peek into the dreams of passers-by. His grandson, who was a master kokeshi doll maker, appeared. Looking into his dreams...


A new edition of the picture book "Kokeshi no Yume". Partially redrawn and reissued as a private edition.


Design: Yousuke Jikuhara (COCHAE)

Printing and binding: Nishimura Mishado


Publication year: July 2022 Resale issue

(First published: August 2014 Edited by Daisuke Tsutsui/Makoto Kimura)


Size: 18.2 x 20.5 cm / Text 32p


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