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Sukajan Cat Fujin Raijin pattern

Sukajan Cat Fujin Raijin pattern

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Sukajan Cat Fujin Raijin pattern


[Precautions when ordering]

We place importance on the original texture of the sukajan, and use very delicate materials, so we conduct thorough inspections with our customers before selling them. 

The inventory prepared for mail order is carefully inspected in the same way as the store, and it meets our store standards.
If you do not like it, we will accept returns, but please note that we cannot accept exchanges.

It is a fabric that is weak against friction and hooking.
Please be careful when trying on the product after receiving it.
Even if you put your sleeves through while wearing accessories, the fabric will be damaged.
If the thread comes out by hooking it, do not cut it with scissors, etc., as it may cause fraying.
Please be careful not to get caught when using the fastener.

The fabric is prone to discoloration and fading due to sunburn, so please avoid storing it in a place exposed to the sun.
Please do not leave it wet, it will cause shrinkage.

When it arrives, wrinkles from the finishing press will be noticeable, but please hang it on a hanger as soon as you receive it.

Please enjoy the texture.


[M size]

SNP ~ cuff 75cm (including rib 6cm)

Cuff 10-15cm

Width 52cm

Length 59cm (including hem rib 6cm)

collar rib 4cm


[L size]

SNP ~ cuff 76cm (including rib 6cm)

Cuff 10-15cm

Width 60cm

Length 65cm (including hem rib 6cm)

collar rib 4cm



Outer fabric: 100% rayon

Lining fabric: 100% rayon

Ribs: 70% acrylic, 30% wool

Embroidery upper thread: 100% rayon

Embroidery bobbin thread: 100% polyester


Made in China

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