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Postcard Set Koneko to Nyanko

Postcard Set Koneko to Nyanko

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Postcard set Koneko to Nyanko

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16 postcards

1.W100×H148mm Ayako Ishiguro “Utau Nyanko”
2.W100×H148mm Ayako Ishiguro “Hula Dance”
3.W100×H148mm Ayako Ishiguro “Otona no Jikan”
4.W100×H148mm Ayako Ishiguro “Rusban bakari”
5.W128×H128mm Kondoaki "Hoshi Hiroi"
6.W128×H128mm Kondoaki “Present”
7.W128×H128mm Kondoaki “Nakayoshi”
8.W100×H148mm Yuko Higuchi "N"
9.W100×H148mm Yuko Higuchi “Kinoko to Nyanko”
10.W100×H148mm Yuko Higuchi “Boris to Nyanko”
11.W100×H148mm Yuko Higuchi “Neko to Nyanko”
12.W100×H148mm Yuko Higuchi “Okinchan to Nyanko”
13.W100×H148mm Yuko Higuchi “Osakana nanoni nande!?”
14.W100×H148mm Yuko Higuchi “Kakao Car E”
15.W128×H129mm Yuko Higuchi “Hajimemashite”
16.W128×H129mm Yuko Higuchi "Nyanko no Oyoufuku"


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