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Tea jar Cherry parfait

Tea jar Cherry parfait

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Tea jar Cherry parfait

☆Comes with an original instruction card drawn by Yuko Higuchi☆

• 8 bags of tea bags (triangular) • Bottle: diameter 85 mm, height 105 mm (including cork)

Ingredients: Black tea, cranberry, rose red, rose pink/fragrance
Country of origin: China, Sri Lanka
Preservation method: Avoid high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.
Please consume immediately after opening.

Freshly picked red cherry and fresh cream.
It is a flavored brand with the theme of a parfait with lots of fruity and sweet cherries.

Based on leaf-type tea leaves with a gentle taste, image of cherries,
Garnish with berries and roses. It's adorable like sweets,
It's a perfect brand for a fun tea time.
Not only can it be straight, but instead of dessert, brew it a little thicker,
It is also recommended to have sugar or milk in your mouth.

About the tax rate *Since it is a "set product" of food and original bottle, the reduced tax rate is not applied and the consumption tax is 10%.
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