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[Signed book] Bokuha Utsukushii Hitowo tabeta

[Signed book] Bokuha Utsukushii Hitowo tabeta

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Bokuha Utsukushii Hitowo tabeta

Yuko Higuchi signed book

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Written by/Duke Centi Gloria
Translated by/Tsuyoshi Ohno
Illustration/Yuko Higuchi

・Introduction (quoted from our website)

Eating humans is always eating gods──

Because of our deep love for God, we hold a sacrament to seek union with God, and take in the bread and wine that are likened to his blood and flesh and are ecstatic. If that's the case, the act of devouring the body of a human brother for Philia can also be called precious love...

Why did the man eat the "beautiful person"? What is the appearance of cannibalism as an "act of true love" that emerges from the numerous anecdotes related to cannibalism from all over the world that are interspersed throughout the story? It would not be an exaggeration to call this novel of the confessional style, which emits a mysterious glow, the peculiar book that has achieved the closest approach to the idea of cannibalism literature.


46 size / high quality

[Total number of pages]

280 pages

【Release date】
February 3, 2022

【the publisher】
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