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Signed book [with bonus card] Majogari no Chi wo tazunete

Signed book [with bonus card] Majogari no Chi wo tazunete

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Majogari no Chi wo tazunete
-A Feminist's Dark Tourism-

Signed book by Yuko Higuchi

[With privilege card]
Written by Christine J. Soray, translated by Kazuya Matsuda Yuko Higuchi (illustration)

Publisher: Seidosha

295 pages

Release date 2021/8/26

A witch's bizarre adventure The writer, a feminist and a witch, travels from places related to Jeanne d'Arc in France and Alice Kitler in Ireland to the Tarot Museum in Bologna, Italy, Chelsea Herb Gardens in London, and Salem in the United States. We will visit a land with a long history, introduce the cruel fate of witches and the current state of the land, and clarify what a "witch hunt" was.

【table of contents】
Blood Stregoneria and Sexual Magic Florence Italy
Fortune telling country Italy Florence and Bologna
Saint and sorcerer Italy Siena
Ligurian Summer Italy Triora and Genoa
A Certain Witch Vatican Tour Vatican City
iron virgin rouen france
Necromancy in the City of Light, Paris, France
German Magical Scenery (Ruby: Witchscape)
Harz Mountains, Germany
Fear and Transformation in Bavaria Germany Bamberg
Pagan Past and Pagan Present Kilkenny, Ireland
Seeding, Altered States of Consciousness London, England
Ghost of Morkin Tower United Kingdom Lancashire
King James' Passion Edinburgh Scotland
American Witch Williamsburg and Jamestown, Virginia
Maritime Maleficium Mid-Atlantic
Ritual of Remembrance Hartford, Connecticut
Witch Town Halloween Salem Massachusetts
Travel Re-Magic Brooklyn, NY
travel guide
[Author] Kristen J. Soll?�Pe
Writer, curator. An educator who studies art, sex, and occult culture. He taught a course called "The Legacy of Witches" at The New School in the United States and became a hot topic. Her publications include Witc hes, Sluts, Feminists (2017) and Cat Call (2019).

[Translator] Kazuya Matsuda
translator. His translations include R.H. Robbins' Complete Demonology, P. Vronsky's Serial Killers and Serial Killers Women's Edition, and Christopher de Hamel's 12 Most Beautiful Manuscripts in the World (both published by Seidosha). .

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