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Higuchi Yuko New Art Book Fear edition3

Higuchi Yuko New Art Book Fear edition3

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2022/6/6 (Monday) 21:00-Sales ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

[Name sign]
Please enter your desired name in the remarks column.
Yuko Higuchi will sign and engrave your desired name.

Please be sure to read the following notes.

Write as written in the remarks column.
Please write in alphabet only

Character names are not accepted

Example) NAIRE sama

Name the book "NAIRE sama"

Please do not include extra text.

We cannot accept returns or exchanges due to incorrect names due to customer input errors.

We will need time to put your name on it, so we will ship it sequentially by the end of July.
Please be patient and look forward to it.

【Shipping method】
It will be delivered by Nekoposu (post-mailing) .

Cannot be ordered with other products.

If you order other products in the same cart, we will cancel the order without contacting the customer, except for the signed book with your name.

[Purchase restrictions]
One person

Higuchi Yuko New Art Book Fear edition3

Design by Naoko Nakui

Both signed and unsigned books will be delivered with the following benefits.

・Fear ED.3 dedicated bookplate
・Release date stamp
・Boris Bunko stamp



【page number】

84 pages

【Release date】

Boris Bunko

For this art book, I chose self-publishing with a degree of freedom because I want to keep changing with each reprint.

In the "Fear edition 3" for sale, there are also differences such as pages with replaced pictures and spotting mistakes.

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