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Autographed book Yuko Higuchi new issue fashion magic

Autographed book Yuko Higuchi new issue fashion magic

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Fashion Magic

signed book

Comes with a special coloring page

[Boris Zakkaten purchase privilege]
Fashion magic exclusive bookplate (20 types)
*Bookplates cannot be selected*
Release date stamp Boris Bunko stamp

Yuko Higuchi fashion magic


format B5 format variant

【page number】

Text 60 pages

【Release date】


A textless picture book where you can freely transform the popular cats drawn by Yuko Higuchi into your favorite fashion.

You can enjoy various clothing patterns by flipping the card paper (with ring) that is divided into upper, middle, and lower parts.
Dresses, swimwear, capes, T-shirts, raincoats, dresses, etc.
A stylish book with outstanding fashion sense.

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