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milky pop.

Sweets & Juice Set

Sweets & Juice Set

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Sweets & Juice Set

【set content】
Kono Orchard Juice Haruka 180ml x 2 Expiration date 2021.8.25

milky pop.
Meringue (strawberry, cassis, raspberry)
Ingredients Sugar, egg white, raspberry puree, cassis puree, strawberry puree, citric acid, edible coloring powder
Expiration date 2021.7.9

Galette (orange)
Ingredients butter, flour, sugar, egg, almond powder, salt, orange, vanilla beans, vanilla oil, orange oil Expiration date: 2021.7.9

Gift Box Nyanko (Mr. Cook)

[Box size]

paper (pasted box)

milky pop. Sticker with Koharu card

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