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[Signed Book] Hiroshi Homura Shinkansen!

[Signed Book] Hiroshi Homura Shinkansen!

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Bun: Hiroshi Homura E: Akira Hasegawa

Hiroshi Homura Signed Book

Publisher Kumon Publishing

Release date November 2020

Format: A4 variant

Body size: length 26.6 x width 21.6 x thickness 0.9 cm

Number of pages: 40

Suitable for: Toddlers and older

"Do you have a proper ticket?" "Yeah."
"Is it really okay to be alone?" "It's okay!"

I will take the Shinkansen by myself to see my grandpa and grandma.
The adults around me looked different than usual, and my heart was pounding.
After eating lunch, going to the bathroom, and seeing Mt. Fuji, I fell asleep...

New illustrator Akira Hasegawa draws on the small adventures of a boy who is excited about his first experience, written by popular poet Hiroshi Homura, using bold deformations and pop colors.

A new type of vehicle picture book that expresses the unique experience of riding the Shinkansen with fresh, never-before-seen visuals.

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