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Yuko Higuchi x Holbein 2023 Painting Brushes (Flat/Round No. 6) Set of 2

Yuko Higuchi x Holbein 2023 Painting Brushes (Flat/Round No. 6) Set of 2

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2023年02月03日 10時00分から

Higuchi Yuko x Holbein 2023

Set of 2 brushes (flat/round size 6)

・ Flat No. 6: Ear length 19.0 x width 17.0mm total length: 185mm
・ Round No. 6: Ear length 21.0 x Width 7.0mm Total length: 185mm
・Hair: 100% nylon
・Package size: 51 x 263 x 21mm
・Weight: about 40g
・ Package: PP case, mount included

made in Japan


A collaboration item between Yuko Higuchi and Holbein, who will celebrate the grand finale of "CIRCUS-Circus Exhibition-" at the Mori Arts Center Gallery in Tokyo in February 2023.

Yuko Higuchi Exhibition CIRCUS FINAL END [Higuchi Yuko CIRCUS]

In addition to Holbein's representative transparent watercolor paints and all-color sets, we will also develop ceramic palettes and paintbrushes.
The paint set is a luxurious specification with illustrations drawn on each tube label as well as the package.
All products are made in Japan and are produced in limited quantities.


This is a 100% nylon brush that is both flexible and holds paint. Thick shaft that is easy to hold. A flat brush and a round brush set. It can be used for both watercolor and acrylic paintings.

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