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[Ceramics Exhibition by 8 Artists] Yuko Higuchi and Naoko Nakui “No.56 Mosomoso”

[Ceramics Exhibition by 8 Artists] Yuko Higuchi and Naoko Nakui “No.56 Mosomoso”

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Ceramics exhibition by 8 Artists

【the work】
Object + original painting "No.56 Mosomoso"

Yuko Higuchi and Naoko Nakui

Pottery (Shigaraki)

Object about 7cm

With paulownia box

Ms. Naoko Nakui is in charge of the molding of the object, and Yuko Higuchi is in charge of the writing and original drawing of the object.

The lid of the paulownia box is affixed with a picture of the work (drawn by Higuchi), and the couple's seal is stamped.

The original picture describes the character and characteristics of the object.
Please take care of yourself as a set.
I can't wait to see Higuchi-san's drawings in the future!

[Profile of Naoko Nakui]
book designer. Born in Iwate Prefecture in 1976. After graduating from the Department of Visual Communication Design at Musashino Art University, joined an advertising agency. Became independent in 2005 and engaged in paper-related work, including book design. Received the 45th Kodansha Publishing Culture Award Book Design Award. He has worked on a relatively large number of bindings for Yuko Higuchi's works, and is in charge of unexpectedly various designs, including notebooks at Boris General Store. (Written by himself)

[Profile of Yuko Higuchi]
The owner of the Boris general store with his beloved cat Boris. Painter and picture book author. He regularly presents his works mainly in Tokyo. His most recent work is "Love Letter". In addition, he has published numerous books such as "Gustave-kun", "The World's Cat" series, "Futari no Neko", "If you like it", "BABEL Higuchi Yuko Artworks", and "Higuchi Yuko Works". Currently, "Higuchi Yuko Exhibition CIRCUS" is on tour (Kochi Prefectural Museum of Literature from 2/1).

[For those who purchase the work]
Please note that the customer information of the owner of the work will be communicated to the artist.
If the person purchasing the item as a gift is different from the person who owns it, please let us know after purchase.
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